Why Is My Tracker Offline?

There are several possible reasons you may see a tracker in your portal display the status "Offline"

If your device is displaying Depleted status, check out Why Is My Tracker Depleted?

Out of Coverage

The most common reason you may see a device offline is because it has travelled to a location without cellular coverage, or the installation location is preventing the tracker from communicating with the network. You may notice this happens regularly in the same location. If one or more trackers go offline in the same location, but others don't, you may want to check the cellular signal in the installer portal and consider relocating the tracker on your asset. You can also learn more about GPS and cellular signal levels here.

3G Trackers

You can check a tracker's model number in the installer portal

If the tracker model starts with CH3, it's time to upgrade to 4G/5G hardware to continue reliably tracking your assets. 3G networks in the United States have been almost entirely decommissioned, and the same is starting to happen in Canada and elsewhere. As a result, it's common for 3G trackers to go offline for extended periods of time when they travel to areas without 2G/3G coverage.

Contact your CloudHawk account manager to discuss upgrading. If you're not sure who your account manager is, contact CloudHawk support and we'll get you in touch with the best person to assist you.

Damage and Other Factors

There may be several other reasons a device could go offline in the field, including damage to the device or other environmental factors. If you have a tracker offline and you're not sure why, our team is here to help! Please contact CloudHawk Support and we'll be happy to assist you.