CloudHawk Enterprise RMA Process

This article explains the RMA (warranty repair) process if you have 500 or more total assets tracked with CloudHawk. If you have Backup trackers available, you may choose to follow this process even if you have fewer than 500 assets.

If you have fewer than 500 assets and do not have a Backup tracker available for immediate use, please refer to our Warranty Replacement Process. Our team will be happy to troubleshoot any issues you are having and ship a replacement device to you.

Please follow the steps below when returning CloudHawk Tracking Hardware for RMA:

  1. Replace any trackers you are planning to return for repair. You can refer to this article for further instructions. This step is extremely important to minimize any gap in data collected for your asset(s).
  2. When shipping devices to CloudHawk for repair/replacement under warranty, please begin by completing the CloudHawk RMA/Replacement Request form. You will receive a unique request number via email immediately after completing the form.
  3. Please be sure to include the RMA request number on a paper inside the package and/or on the shipping label so we can identify your shipment. It can be sent to:

    RMA Team
    680 Davenport Rd.
    Suite D
    Waterloo, ON N2V 2C3

  4. Once we receive your RMA, if we require additional information, we will contact you at the phone number or email address you entered when submitting the form.
  5. When your RMA is completed, we will notify you automatically by email, and ship your units back to you.
Please keep in mind that the CloudHawk Warranty covers manufacturing and software defects, but does not cover damage to the device, including water-related damage. If the returned device is not covered by this warranty, or was in perfect working order and did not need to be repaired, we may apply a service fee of $50 to your next invoice to cover our costs associated with processing the return, analyzing the device, and returning it to you.