Requesting an Integration

If you need to integrate your CloudHawk data with a third party provider such as a TMS, we're here to help

 CloudHawk, as a leading provider in the telematics industry, has a vast network of partnerships with a myriad of applications. We have built our reputation around the agility and robustness of our services, which include numerous successful integrations with various third-party applications. If you see your integrator on the list below, please contact CloudHawk Support  and ask us to provide your chosen partner with access to your data. If your integrator is underlined below, click on them for more information about setting up the integration or check the Integrations section for more information. 

  • Descartes MacroPoint

  • Leading Edge Control Solutions Inc

  • C.H. Robinson

  • FreightVerify

  • National Research Council of Canada

  • ISB Canada

  • KORE Wireless

  • BluJay Solutions

  • Blue Rock Logistics

  • Titanium Logistics Inc

  • FourKites

  • Iron Apple

  • Mode40 ltd

  • project44

  • TransPlus

If you work with an integrator that's not on this list, we are confident that our technical capabilities can provide the integration you require with your chosen application. Our technical team has developed a straightforward and easy-to-use set of APIs that enable third-party applications to interact with our services efficiently. These APIs are designed to ensure that the integration process is as smooth and as seamless as possible.

We kindly ask you to send this information to your third-party service provider and invite them to integrate with us. The integration would allow us to work together to provide you with the best possible service experience.

For Prospective Integrators

To begin the integration process, your third-party service provider can reach out to us at:

Our technical team is ready to assist with the integration, providing our API documentation, answering any technical queries, and ensuring that the entire process runs smoothly.