Share Temporary Installer Portal Links

Learn how to share a temporary link with an installer/technician to give them access to the Installer Portal for one or more specific asset(s).

To perform this process, you must have a CloudHawk user account with the Admin role.

In the top-right corner of your CloudHawk Portal, hover your cursor over our name and select Admin.

If you do not see the Admin button, please contact your account administrator and ask them to change your role to Admin.

Select Trackers and click Share installer portal access at the bottom of the list.

As an Admin, you can also access the installer portal for an individual tracker by selecting Action > Access installer portal

Select one or more assets to move them to the list on the right, and enter an email address for the technician/installer that needs access. When you click Ok, your technician/installer will receive an email with links to each asset in the Installer Portal. They will not be asked to login but will only have access to the selected assets via the direct link in the email.